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The state accountability system should be transparent and provide actionable data to enable educators and communities to improve language and academic outcomes in English and another language for English learners.

As a coalition, we serve as expert advisors and advocates for the policies, practices and resources that will enable key organizations and institutions to support valid and reliable assessments and a state accountability system that can be used to advance and improve outcomes, programs and services for English learners in English and another language.


State Policy Impact

The legislation required valid and reliable assessments for English Learners including assessments in the primary language.

This legislation allowed districts to administer the primary language assessment to both native English speakers and redesignated students, in addition to English learners, in dual language immersion programs.

In 2020, we worked with Legislative Budget Subcommittees to include language in the budget requiring the new three-year LCAP Template to include a description of the language acquisition programs for ELs and professional development for teachers of English learners.

After more than 10 years working to modify the state accountability system for English learners, the Governor approved the following elements in the State Budget to be addressed districts’ 2024-2027 three year LCAP.

– Districts must include in their LCAP a goal for student groups that score at the lowest performance for one or more indicators
– Districts must describe what they are doing to reduce gaps and disparities for student groups
– Long Term English Learners are to be considered a numerically significant student group in addition to the EL student group.  LTELs are declared a numerically significant student group when a district or school has 15 LTELs