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Californians Together advocates for instruction and curriculum that incorporates language and literacy development. Instruction and curriculum integrate meaning-making, language development, effective expression, content knowledge, and foundational skills of reading.

As a coalition, we support teachers using various materials and instructional strategies to meet students’ needs while learning content and developing literacy in English and their home language, a new language, or both. Instruction builds on what students already know, including their home languages and cultures.

Californians Together is a part of The National Committee on Effective Literacy (NCEL) which uplifts research, policies and practices to ensure that English learner/emergent bilingual students leave school as proficient readers and writers in English and preferably more languages.

Since 2020, Californians Together has partnered with Education Trust-West to lead an advocacy effort focused on informing the 2023 Mathematics Framework which improves equitable access to standards-aligned, high-quality curriculum and instruction for English learners.