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The Support for Immigrant & Refugee Students (SIRS) Project was launched in 2017 in response to the increasingly hostile climate toward immigrants and the insecurity caused by the changing policy landscape. The goal of this project is to assist in the creation of a safe learning environment for students of all backgrounds and to support immigrant students in all PreK-12 schools throughout California. 

To accomplish this goal, Californians Together has developed a multi-pronged approach including the development of workshops and resources for educators, the creation of regional networks for school district and county leaders, and connecting schools and families with information and resources from statewide and national organizations who work to support the education, health, well-being and rights of immigrant and refugee students and families.

Regional Leadership Networks

Through regional convenings, Californians Together brings school, district, and county leaders together for support of immigrant and refugee students in their communities. Participants gain knowledge of immigration policy changes that impact students and families; discuss challenges and identify local implementation priorities; and share best practices for creating safe and welcoming schools. To join our network, please submit this form.

Trainer of Trainer Workshops

We offer “trainer of trainer” workshops for Support of Immigrant and Refugee Students covering both Phase I: Fostering a Safe and Inclusive Learning Environment and Phase II: Supporting Resilience and Social Emotional Learning Classroom Lesson Modules in counties throughout California, including virtual and in-person workshop platforms. To arrange for a regional workshop in your area, contact our Project Director, Ruth Barnett Barajas at [email protected].


Beyond simply mitigating the impact that the current crisis is having on Immigrant and Refugee Students in California and beyond, Californians Together has published curriculum and materials that we hope will support immigrant students in the development of resilience and strength to develop students’ internal resources and external voice.