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New Legislation

Sponsored Legislation
AB 1012 (Reyes): Bilingual education: bilingual and biliteracy program support and recognition

As amended, the bill requires the California Department of Education (CDE) to provide grants to local educational agencies (LEAs) for, among other purposes, support of professional development for teachers seeking bilingual authorizations, and for the startup or expansion of dual language immersion, developmental bilingual programs and start-up of bilingual pre-school programs.

SB 594 (Rubio): Pupil instruction: English Learner Roadmap Initiative

As amended, this bill seeks to establish the EL Roadmap Initiative which is to be administered by the CDE and the CCEE in partnership with a lead COE. This bill would:

  • Build capacity in school districts, county offices of education, and charter schools to effectively implement the EL Roadmap.
  • Ensure inclusion of the EL Roadmap at every level of California’s System of Support; Levels I, II and III.
  • Establish connections with Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAPs) and Title III Plans leading to meaningful goals and outcomes requiring full access to curriculum, assuring meaningful progress toward attaining academic English proficiency and closing gaps in academic achievement for students who are EL.
  • Implement instructional programs that effectively develop academic content knowledge, discipline, specific practices, academic language and bilingual/biliterate proficiency.
AB 1319 (Bonta) Migrant Education: Pupil Residency

As amended this bill would require local educational agencies to allow a pupil who is a migratory child to continue attending their school of origin or a school within the school district of origin, as provided, regardless of any change of residence of the pupil.

AB 1623 (Rivas and O’Donnell) Golden State Teacher Grant Program

This bill establishes the Golden State Teacher Grant Program. Under this program, the California Student Aid Commission will award one-time grant funds of $20,000 to students in educator preparation programs with their commitment to teach in a subject area impacted by the teacher shortage. The student must commit to teach for four years in the high-need subject area after the student receives their teaching credential. The subject areas are: Bilingual Education, Special Education, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

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