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Announcing the California English Learner Roadmap Middle School Teacher Toolkit

Californians Together is proud to announce the release of the California English Learner Roadmap Middle School Teacher Toolkit. Written by Dr. Laurie Olsen and Martha Hernández, this toolkit is intended to give teachers tools to assess current practices and plan for classroom implementation of the California English Learner Roadmap.

The California Teachers Association and Californians Together convened teachers from throughout the state to make meaning of the new policy through the lens of the classroom teacher. The group was charged with describing what classrooms that enacted each principle of the Roadmap would look and sound like.  They also described the need for tools and supports to enable teachers individually and collectively to engage in making meaning of the Roadmap.

The EL Roadmap Teacher’s Toolkit

The Middle School Teacher’s Toolkit is the first of five components to be developed.  The complete suite of resources will include the Preschool Teacher’s Toolkit, the Elementary Teacher’s Toolkit, the Middle School Teacher’s Toolkit, a High School Teacher’s Toolkit and an Administrator Guidance Document. The entire toolkit is scheduled for release in Fall 2019. Download the Toolkit Buy printed copies

Each CA English Learner Roadmap Teacher’s Toolkit consists of several components:

• The text of the policy itself as adopted by the State Board of Education (Vision, Mission, Principles and Elements)

• The Roadmap Principles as re-written specifically by and for teachers — speaking to teaching and learning, and the classroom environment

• A Self-Assessment Tool for each Principle for individual and collaborative reflection on where strengths and potential improvements might be made in teaching and classroom practice

• A resource list of programs, connections and supports for teachers related to implementing each Principle

• Videos of teachers and students talking about the Roadmap

These resources are intended to assist teachers to implement the EL Roadmap in the classroom and school and can also serve as a tool as part of the System of Support in order to improve outcomes for English Learners.  A Trainer of Trainers workshop will be developed to provide facilitation tools to the field to assist with dissemination.


The CA English Learner Roadmap is a comprehensive policy covering all aspects of English Learner education: curriculum, school and classroom climate and culture, instruction, systems supports (e.g., professional development, leadership, assessment), parent and community engagement, and system alignment and articulation. As an aspirational policy, it is not expected that any classroom, school or district fully implements the Roadmap. And it is not feasible to work on improving all aspects of the Roadmap at once. The “road trip” towards enacting the policy entails selecting a focus, determining priorities, and then designing a path of improvement. The CA English Learner Roadmap Teachers Toolkit is intended to support that process.

We suggest that teachers – individually and/or collectively – first read the vision and mission, and do the exercise “Making Meaning” for four principles. Having done this, return to Principle #1 and use the “Self-Assessment Tool” for Principle #1. Proceed with the other Principles when ready.

Download the Toolkit

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