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Our Legislative Advocate Update

The appropriations suspense files were released on Thursday, May 19th, and we are excited to see two of our sponsored bills (AB 1868 & SB 952) moving forward. Unfortunately, AB 1701 (Medina) Jump Start Program was held in suspense and is not moving forward this year, but we are committed to expanding the bilingual teacher pipeline and making sure that faculty are available to provide course access for students to move through bilingual authorization programs.  We’re excited to keep pushing these bills closer to the finish line! 

AB 1701 (Medina) Jump Start Program 

  • Creates a five-year grant to the California State University (CSU) system to increase student enrollment in bilingual authorization programs through recruitment and retention of full-time faculty for bilingual authorization programs through its Colleges of Education.   
  • Status: Held in the Assembly Appropriation committee, the bill will no longer be moving for the remainder of the year. 

AB 1868 (L. Rivas) Disaggregation of Data for Long Term English Learners   

  • This bill will allow the state to better serve our English Learners by requiring the California Department of Education to further separate achievement, enrollment, and other outcomes of long-term English learners and students at risk of becoming long-term English learners.
  • Status: Assembly Floor, awaiting vote by the entire Assembly in order to be sent to the Senate for consideration. 

SB 952 (Limon) Dual Language Immersion Program 

  • Provides $15 million for 20 schools over 5 years to convert to dual language immersion (DLI) schools. The grants would allow school districts to pay the costs related to securing bilingual educators, training programs, curriculum, materials, and other necessary start-up costs. 
  • Status: Senate Floor, awaiting vote by the entire Senate in order to be sent to the Assembly for consideration.

To download the full legilative update click here. 

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