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Supporting Families and Knitting Strong Home-School Partnerships in a Pandemic Era

(addresses application of Principles 1 and 2 of the EL Roadmap in context of a pandemic)

Family engagement, connection and involvement in their children’s schooling is always important, but has particular urgency, meaning, implications and challenges in this pandemic era that relies on hybrid and distance learning. Without careful planning and intentionality, this era could place new barriers in the way of English learner’s education, could exacerbate stresses on families, and damage relationships between schools and families.

With appropriate attention, however, the essential partnership between families and schools can support English learners and together we can leverage new opportunities with great benefits for our students. And this can be the foundation for building family engagement more effectively into the life of schools long after the pandemic ends.

This session for administrators focuses on your role in planning for and supporting family engagement and the family role in supporting learning at home. Come hear about how other schools are establishing communication and translation systems, ensuring homes are adequately supplied for learning, training families on using technology and learning apps, building relationships with families, and creating resource and referral and support systems for families impacted by the health and economic impacts of Covid-19.

Presenters: Raymond Andry and Priscilla Figueroa, Mountain View School District, Dr. Marlene Batista and Alberto Mendoza, Oxnard School District

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