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Part II: Planning for Biliteracy in Distance Learning

Kindergarten and first grade dual language immersion teachers have an especially unique challenge and opportunity during distance learning when welcoming their youngest learners joyfully into the bilingual community. They are tasked with supporting their students in building biliteracy, many of whom are in the early stages of acquiring a second language. In this webinar, teachers will gain structures and examples of research-based best practices in planning for biliteracy, Designated ELD, and teaching for transfer. Through a combination of oral language strategies and teacher examples we will look at the most effective ways to foster language development and positive bilingual identities for our students. Teachers will understand how dual language models, routines, and schedules transition to distance learning, and be prepared to plan accordingly.

Presenters: Charice Guerra, Jen McNeil, & Heather Skibbins, SEA

Materials & Handouts

Full Presentation

Maximizing Cross Language Connections & Bilingual Identity

– Dual Immersion Family Cohorts in Distance Learning

– Making Cross Language Connection with our Children (English; Spanish)

– Bilingual Poem with Frames

– Bridging School & Family Bilingual Identity


Oral Language & Scaffolding

– Chants, Songs, & Poems

– Choral Response

– Think Pair Share

Graphic Organizers & Sentence Frames