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Reopening Schools with Distance Learning: Embracing our English Learners.

(addresses application of Principle 3 of the EL Roadmap in context of a pandemic)

Join in on a collaborative discussion about leading and structuring schools in the return to distance learning in the new school year. Heeding lessons learned from last Spring’s ventures into Distance Learning, and committed to meeting the challenges of this pandemic era, we have an opportunity to hear how other districts are structuring schools to ensure English learners receive engaging and rigorous learning experiences and are provided daily ELD, how districts are organizing services to connect families and teachers in their shared task of supporting students, how access is being provided to the full curriculum, and learn how others are monitoring that English learners are served in distance learning.

Presenters:Presenters: Dr. Patricia Gandara, University of California Los Angeles, Arturo Ortega and Dr. Dayna Mitchell, Azusa Unified School District, Manuel Bautista and Fredy Gomez, Mendota Unified School District

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