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Past Professional Development & Resources

This three-hour session focuses on how administrators can enact Principle Two Intellectual Quality of Instruction and Meaningful Access of the English Learner Roadmap policy in their virtual or in-person school.

Institute for English Learners/Emergent Bilinguals The CA EL Roadmap Policy in Action (In Partnership with the National Resource Center for Asian Languages)

The sessions were guided by the four principles of the English Learner Roadmap and included presentations by in-service teachers and facilitated discussion. Included below is the presentation slide deck for each session and additional resources.

02.25.21 – Responsive Teaching and Learning for Languages Learners

03.18.21 – Assets-Oriented and Needs-Responsive Schools

04.22.21 – Intellectual Quality of Instruction and Meaningful Access


An English Learner Roadmap 101 for School Board Members (In Partnership with Californians Together)

This session was for School Board Members to provide a basic overview of the comprehensive and visionary English Learner Roadmap state policy.

04.19.21 – Statewide Session in Kern County Office of Education 

Meeting the Needs of English Learners in Distance Learning

A series designed to address immediate needs of school leaders and administrators in opening schools with a focus on meeting the needs of English learners in distance learning.

08.18.20 – Developing Learning Continuity and Attendance Plans that Embrace our English Learners

08.25.20 – Reopening School Districts: Embracing Our English Learners

09.29.20 – Supporting Families and Knitting Strong Home-School Partnerships in Pandemic Era


A Fall Teacher Webinar Series

This Fall webinar series for educators K-6, is designed to address the immediate needs of teachers in meeting the needs of English learners in distance learning/hybrid schooling context.

9.02.20 – Welcoming, Inclusive, and Affirming Classroom for English Learners

9.16.20 – Critical Conditions for English Learners in Distance Learning

9.24.20 – Creating and Sustaining Family Partnership in Distance Learning

Beginning the Dual Language Journey in Distance Learning Context


A Fall Webinar Series for K/1 Teachers

8.19.20- Part I: Partnering with Families in the First Month of Dual Language Programs K/1

8.26.20 – Part II: Planning for Biliteracy in Distance Learning: Spanish Dual Language Programs K/1
Dr. Margarita Gonzalez-Amador
EL RISE! Project Administrator
[email protected]