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California is considering a change in the calculation of the Academic Indicators from the current aggregate of yearly comparison by grade level to a growth model that aggregates individual student’s assessment data over time to evaluate growth.  Californians Together served on the Growth Model Stakeholder Group, formed by the State Board of Education, to advise the Board on aspects of the model and implementation. 

To develop our recommendations on the Growth Model and its application for English learners, Californians Together worked with Dr. Pete Goldschmidt, currently a Professor in the College of Education at CSUN since 2019. Dr Goldschmidt also served as the Assistant Secretary for Assessment and Accountability in the New Mexico Public Education Department. Prior to that role he was a senior researcher at UCLA/CRESST, where his focus was on the use of growth models for accountability and evaluation. 

Dr. Pete Goldschmidt authored two papers that were submitted to the State Board of Education to advise them on the development and reporting of data for the Growth Model as references and strong evidence on what should be considered when developing the new model.