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Shelly Spiegel-Coleman

Since the day she became a teacher in 1970, Shelly only taught and worked in bilingual, English Learner programs. Whether she was a teacher, principal, district specialist or county consultant, her passion has been working with and for English Learners and their families. Her life has been enriched by her experiences in different settings and communities. She grew up in a home in which social justice was valued and celebrated. As an educator, advocating for English Learners became a part of who she is. It was easy to retire from the Los Angeles County Office of Education to come work for Californians Together, and leading the organization was her perfect job. She now works as the Strategic Advisor and is challenged and heartened by our influence across the state. We have struggled, shed tears and rejoiced in our growing ability to influence and create new policies to build multilingual programs and honor the talents and gifts of our students and their families. By working in this movement, her life-long colleagues and friends have become her extended family.