CA EL Roadmap Implementation Guide and Toolkit for Administrators Volume 3: Ensuring the Intellectual Quality of Instruction and Meaninful Access for English Learners


This third toolkit in the CA EL Roadmap Administrators Toolkit series focuses on

Principle #2 of the CA EL Roadmap policy. It focuses on instruction, placement, and program—and on the role of district and school site leaders in being able to articulate the effective practices that ensure high-quality instruction and meaningful access for English learners. Similar to the first two toolkits in the Administrators series (Volume I: Leading Implementation of the EL Roadmap and Volume II: Creating Assets-oriented and Needs-responsive Schools), this toolkit focuses on the educators’ role in leading the charge for powerfully meeting the needs of English learners. The first two toolkits are the foundation for leading the implementation of Principle #2.

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