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Ed Trust West Releases Toolkit for Implementing the English Learner Roadmap

One of our Coalition members, Ed Trust-West, has published the following materials that will help parents and advocates share the importance of the English Learner Roadmap and how to advocate at the local level to make sure English Learners have access to the programs, resources and support they deserve.

In one of the publications, they mention the sample resolutions we have share with you in our English Learner Road Map page. You can download this sample EL Roadmap resolution to advocate that Districts:

  • strengthen their language program options by working with DELAC to educate all parents
  • evaluate all programs to make sure they align with the EL Roadmap and make sure all necessary changes are included in the District’s Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP),
  • create separate growth goals in the LCAP priority areas so that students are mastering grade level standards while attaining high levels of proficiency in both English and their home language, and
  • implement and expand means to recognize students who are achieving proficiency by awarding the Seal of Biliteracy.

This second resolution has language that includes early childhood programs.

Ed Trust West’s Advocacy Toolkit can be found here and includes these three components:

  1. What is California’s English Learner Roadmap? spells out the basics of the state’s vision for educating English learners;
  2. 10 Questions to Ask Your School and District about California’s English Learner Roadmap suggests conversation starters about what your school and district can do to support English learner students; and
  3. English Learners Have Rights!: An Advocacy Guide for Parents and Other Stakeholders articulates the rights of English learners and their families.

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