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A Great Start to Our Central Valley Multilingual Consortium 

Our Central Valley Multilingual Consortium listening sessions launched August 10th in Ceres, picked up in Fresno on August 30th, and came to a close in Bakersfield on September 8th. A big shout out to the Ceres Community Center, the Reading and Beyond, and the Kern County Superintendent of Schools  for hosting our convenings, which provided an opportunity for the Central Valley’s school-related and professional organizations and advocates to share and learn about experiences of ELs and their families in the Valley.

The objectives of the consortium are to create alignment between policy, practice, and research in the Central Valley and statewide, centralize the research, policy and practice resources, influence and shape the public narrative to reflect the diversity and assets of English learners in K-12 and through higher education, and to diversify the representation of English learner advocates across the Central Valley.

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