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Liz Alvarado, Ph.D.

Liz Alvarado is an experienced educator with over two decades of expertise in bilingual education. With a diverse background in education, ranging from research and evaluation to owning and operating a Spanish immersion preschool, Liz has developed a deep understanding of the needs of dual language learners. She holds a Ph.D. in Urban Schooling from UCLA and a Master’s Degree in Education Policy and Management from Harvard.

Liz’s passion for promoting excellence and equity for dual language learners stems from her multiethnic heritage and her great aunt’s legacy, who was the first South American woman to become a professor of medicine at Ohio State University. Her aunt’s dedication to service, mentorship, and academic excellence has been a constant source of inspiration to Liz. Liz also has a deep love for the arts. She currently sings in a band where she performs in both Spanish and English and she is the founder of Little Language Adventures, a music-based language program for children. She believes that music, stories, and the arts are powerful mediums for promoting cultural understanding and celebrating diversity. Liz is honored to be part of Californians Together and to contribute to its mission of advocating for equity in education for English learners.